Your Very Own Lifelong Prosperity Partner

Ever wondered if...


You could have someone hold you accountable to your goals?

Everyone says to “just stick to your budget,” so then why is remaining consistent with your goals so difficult?



Consistency is absolutely a possibility if you learn the strategies and use the tools that I will teach you.

Because I’ve been where you are. In the past, as I was trying to save and be consistent, I'd have friends and family constantly inviting me to do things that were against my plan!

It sucks freaking out every month because I have no money left for fun.
It sucks to not be able to build my savings to travel.
It sucks constantly wondering if I'll ever reach my goals!

(Spoiler alert: we’re all not consistent 100% percent of the time.)

There's one major thing you need to succeed financially: support.


The solution for professionals and entrepreneurs who want to experience lasting effects for abundant living.


Time to dig into the details. 

  • Ongoing 30-minute check-ins (weekly/biweekly) providing you with urgent feedback on progress and shifts to strategies and tools.

  • A Personal Progress Management System for you to always view and track your progress.

  • Direct phone access to your prosperity partner enabling you to ask questions on the spot.

The investment for Sustain is $397 monthly for weekly check-in sessions and $197 monthly for biweekly check-in sessions. Payment Plans are available.

How would it feel...

To be able to have someone in your corner forever for whatever? A supportive partner to walk you through milestones like:

  • How to strategically use your company bonus and tax return

  • When to buy the house or new car

  • What to do when you get hit with surprise expenses


Before getting support, most professionals and entrepreneurs are relying on uninformed family and friends for advice​.

I want to help you remain consistent with your money long-term.

Would you like to meet your next goal?